About Kat


Hi I'm Kat! The artist and boss witch of CrystalKat LLC. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio where I was born and raised. I share a wonderful home with my amazing fiancé Kevin, our dog Roux, and 3 cats Monty, Zelda, and Saber. When I'm not magically crafting works of art I enjoy walking in nature, going on adventures with Kevin, watching a good movie, spending time with my animals, friends and family, seeing live music, and exploring other creative outlets.
While my jewelry making journey began long ago with friendship bracelets and wire work I was first introduced to metalsmithing in high school. I was immediately drawn to working with metal and stones, my fascination with crystals and magic started at a very young age as well. After high school though life got busy and I found less and less time to create but the thoughts of wanting to make jewelry again never left my mind.  After almost a decade long hiatus I decided in early 2015 to get back to metalsmithing and fulfill my life long dream of being an artist. I knew from early on that I wanted my passion for creating crystal jewelry to be more than a hobby, I wanted it to be a career that fueled my life!
After trying out a few different business names Elemental Creations by Kat stuck and at the time I was creating lots of nature inspired pieces so it was a good fit for a few years. After a while though I felt I had outgrown it as my style developed and the name CrystalKat lingered in the back of my mind for a while before I took the leap at the beginning of 2020 and rebranded. Listening to my intuition to make this move was a big step on my spiritual and business journey.
My spiritual, magical, and crystal journey began at a very young age(Full story coming soon!) and growing up I always felt different and out of place. Through 36 years of life's journey, many lessons, lots of seeking and soul searching I have found peace in my life through being true to myself. I've always been naturally drawn to the mystical, magical, and mysterious side of life and the more I embrace it the more whole I feel. Through CrystalKat I strive to help remind others of their magic through intentional adornments and energetic tools. I love creating powerful tools, talismans, and badass rings that ignite your inner witch warrior! 
So if you love crystals, the moon, jewelry, witchy and "woo" topics then you've found the right place friend! I can't wait to get to know you! Join my VIP list at the bottom of the page to stay in touch and receive a special welcome gift! 
Till then,
Stay Magical!